Worlds 1st BIM and Construction Validation Software

MMA Consulting Engineers recently completed several large Scan-to-BIM projects which involved generating BIM models from laser scan data.


A key component to these projects was the added benefit of using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ for model validation. Without AutoCorr™ there is no easy way to validate and be sure that a model generated from scan data is correct and within the required tolerance.


The only alternative to using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ involves manual checking that is very time consuming, subjective, and can easily result in costly issues arising in the office snd on site!


AutoCorr™ also automatically creates BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) issues with viewpoints to easily track issues, and CSV formatted reports for team sharing and 100% accountability of all model and site issues.


The automatic colourised semantic point cloud from AutoCorr™ shows project managers exactly what areas are left to be modelled in addition to highlighting anything that was out-of-tolerance and therefore needs to be corrected.


BIM & Scan AutoCorr™

  • Worlds 1st BIM and Construction Validation Software
    • AutoCorr™ is rank #1 for open standards based point cloud to model checking!
    • AutoCorr™ is the result from years of R&D conducted by MMA Consulting Engineers.
    • MMA were the first to provide a solution for validating building information models, and then extended this offering to validate on site construction works and installations.
    • Once MMA proved that AutoCorr can validate any type of construction project and model, we extended that offering to everyone in the world via our cloud platform.
    • Currently our AutoCorr™ software is being used in 50 countries!
    • For more information on BIM & Scan AutoCorr™: