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MMA Consulting Engineers is one of the most experienced M&E consultancies in Ireland having completed over 2000 projects since 1968 both here in Ireland and globally.

MMA Core Values

MMA Consulting Engineers work by a set of core values that epitomise the work we undertake for our clients. Openess, honest and trust are values we expect from ourselves and our partners.

MMA Careers

MMA Consulting Engineers offers a variety of engineering careers and opportunities for talented members who want to work for a leading Engineering Consultancy.



  • In depth design
  • Industrial and commercial project design
  • Selection of systems

Engineering MEP design is important for planning, decision making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimation, construction, and operating/maintaining the resulting facilities. MEP specifically encompasses the in-depth design and selection of these systems, as opposed to a tradesperson simply installing equipment.


  • Overcome rapidly changing regulatory requirements
  • MMA uses the latest design technologies
  • Design for Off-Site Fabrication using 3D Laser scanning

MMA Consulting Engineers are assisting clients to overcome the rapidly changing challenges in regulatory requirements within the Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semi-conductor and Water Treatment sectors.

With experienced personnel and using the latest design technologies available, MMA have developed workflows and solutions to simplify the collaboration between consultant and client engineering teams, increasing productivity and reducing construction schedules. “Design for Off-Site Fabrication” using 3D Laser scanning gives assurance that the installation will fit first time. Our motto “Build twice” – Virtually first and then for real!


  • Construct, and operate built environment structures in virtual spaces
  • ISO standards based on OpenBIM
  • One of only two COBie Certified Professional’s in Ireland

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a set of technologies, processes, and policies that enable multiple stakeholders to collaboratively design, construct, and operate built environment structures in virtual space, e.g. buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, waterways, telecom sites, wind farms, etc.

BIM is not new. BIM like ideas began with Buckminster Fuller and Henry Ford in the building and the automotive industries in the early 1900s; Empire State building in the 1930s; Toyota’s Just-in-Time lean systems in the 1940s; US Air Force and NASA in 1950’s-and the 1970’s; iCAM, STEP, etc. modeling in the 1970s-1990s; then ISO standards-based OpenBIM for the built environment from 1990’s-Present.


  • MMA CAD Solutions is a offers experienced design and drafting professionals
  • Our 3D laser scanning team delivers millimetre precision point clouds and BIM models
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency improvements across all client sites

Having a dedicated support team for your project is a key facet in completing a successful project. At MMA Consulting Engineers, our dedicated team of consultants and engineers provide support both during and after the project has gone live.


  • AutoCorr™ software is being used in 50 countries!
  • AutoCorr™ also automatically creates BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) issues with viewpoints to easily track issues
  • Automatic colourised semantic point cloud from AutoCorr™ shows project managers exactly what areas are left to be modeled

MMA Consulting Engineers has recently completed several large Scan-to-BIM projects which involved generating BIM models from laser scan data.

A key component of these projects was the added benefit of using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ for model validation. Without AutoCorr™ there is no easy way to validate and be sure that a model generated from scan data is correct and within the required tolerance.

The only alternative to using BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ involves manual checking that is very time-consuming, subjective, and can easily result in costly issues arising in the office and on-site!


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