MMA Consulting Engineers believe in delivering on the vision of a sustainable future through intelligent building solutions.

Buildings account for around 40% of EU energy demand. MMA Consulting Engineers are committed to delivering a sustainable future through our Mechanical & Electrical design.

MMA Consulting Engineers are committed to reducing energy consumption by designing efficient systems and by promoting renewable & sustainable technologies.

MMA Consulting Engineers can import BIM models and other suitable models into dynamic simulation software (IES) to analyse energy data. We can test different Mechanical and Electrical design solutions and compare energy consumption & CO2 emissions. Using this technology, we can advise building owners at an early stage of their project as to most advantageous design solutions.

We can analyse the results to ensure regulatory compliance with Technical Guidance Document (TGD) Part L and produce Building Energy Rating (BER) certification. We can carry out both LEED and BREEAM assessments.