Confidential Client #1

Component Library

  • Provided client specific Autodesk Plant 3D library, in line with manufacturers and clients construction specifications.
  • Current largest library per volume is running at 23,000+ fittings with approx. 230 different manufacturers parts & fittings, with a total file size 3.5Gb.
  • Current largest library by user capacity was feeding 350+ detail modellers from 4+ construction trade companies.
  • Provided technical support and best practice for implementation and introduction of Plant 3D.
  • When the above project was complete the parts and library were offered to all trades who took part in this BIM exercise
  • This extensive semiconductor library will have been used again and again across multiple projects and by multiple trade contractors, setting the standard for how BIM with Plant 3D is used today

Confidential Client #2


  • Management and deployment of Common data environment
  • Designed a large Vault deployment with upwards of 300 users and 4 TB of filestore
  • Managed vault and administered large deployment over 8 years, using work flows and states.
  • Completed 3 different upgrades through the life of this project.
  • Setup Vault integration with BIM 360

Confidential Client #3


  • Resolved construction delays
  • Conducted Install vs Design validation using BIM & Scan AutoCorr
  • Provided best practice recommendation for all future works based of forensic findings
  • Delivered technical validation report showing all forensic findings