5G Retrofit & Rollout

  • MMA provide ISO standards based global support to the telecoms industry through innovative engineering solutions and systems. Included are our BIM & Scan software solutions AutoCorr and AutoGen for the automatic generation and recognition of telecom site equipment and tower components. Resulting in machine readable structured data for enterprise systems integration, and 3D component libraries to support global operations.


Port Construction Monitoring

  • Currently MMA are supporting the Port of Tallinn project in-progress in Estonia. Our BIM & Scan AutoCorr software is being utilised for construction build and install monitoring, and the validation of all poured on site concrete structures.


Construction Progress Tracking

  • Recently MMA have assisted on Airport projects in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam, Netherlands providing innovation engineering solutions, laser scanning services, and construction validation. We specifically used our BIM & Scan AutoCorr software site installation, progress tracking, and As-Built BIM validation.


Structural & MEP Validation

  • MMA supported the development of the recently built tunnels in Spain by supplying a service for tunnel structural validation, the validation of MEP equipment installation, and a cloud based viewer of analyses for better decision making on the go. Our BIM & Scan AutoCorr software was key component of our clients project decision making and delivery method processes.

Roads & Streetscapes

Urban Terrain Validation

  • MMA are in the process of supporting an urban streetscape and building retrofit project in Haarlem, Netherlands. BIM & Scan AutoCorr & AutoGen were currently used together for terrain and road construction and validation.