Here at MMA Consulting we have gained many achievements throughout the years, from organisational certificates, to awards for our novel R&D and products, we have taken to market under BIM & Scan. Our goal is to bring continuous innovations to the AEC/FM industries by releasing products to the global community. MMA offer new and automated solutions, and services, for real problems on real projects!


  • Best Industry Paper Award:  “OpenBIM Framework for a Collaborative Historic Preservation System”. CitA BIM Gathering; Dublin, Ireland – November 2015.


  •  The Michael Kerwan Award – Best Overall Paper Award: “Automatic Open Standard Reporting for Dimensional Control”. CitA BIM Gathering; Dublin, Ireland – November 2017.


  • Best Overall Paper: “External Memory Solution for Large-Scale Point Cloud Data Processing” . CitA BIM Gathering; Galway, Ireland – Award Sponsored by Dublin City Council – September 2019.


  • buildingSMART International (bSI) Award 2017 – Honourable Mention Award – “East Dormitory Project: United States”. bSI International Awards; London, UK – November 2017.


  • buildingSMART International Certificate – “COBie Certified Professional”, Certificate No: c.2020.003; bSI International Professional Certification Program – March 2020.


  • buildingSMART International Awards 2020 Finalist – “BIM & Scan AutoCorr & AutoGen”. bSI International Virtual Summit; London, UK – October 2020.